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Yoichi Town Special Report||NORTH NAVI recommends the best spots in Yoichi this summer!
Yoichi, surrounded by the sea and mountains, is a town recognized for its natural beauty and 'food riches' such as seafood, fruit, wine, and whiskey.
Summer is the best time to take advantage of Yoichi Town's attractions.
This time of year, NORTH NAVI highlights the preferred sites in Yoichi-cho, which is approximately an hour's drive from Sapporo and has great access.

Sea urchin specialty shop, Yoichiya

北海道 世壱屋 余市 うに

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One of Hokkaido's most recognized regions for quality sea urchins is the waters from Otaru to the Shakotan Peninsula.
The Shakotan sea urchin fishing season runs from June to August, but Yoichi Town has extended its yearly sea urchin fishing season from 20 May to 31 August, making it an appealing area to enjoy sea urchin for a longer period.
It is not uncommon to see people queuing for fresh sea urchins at the Sea Urchin Speciality Restaurant Seichiya during the holidays.
Why not try the legendary 'Five Great Sea Urchin Eating Contest Bowl' while you visit Yoichi Town?

Hamanaka and Moire beaches

北海道 余市 彩永あいり ミルクス本物
40-1, Hamanakamachi, Yoichi-cho, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido

Take a break here after enjoying your meal.
Hamanaka-Moire Beach is around 400 meters straight away from Yoichi Town Hall. Unfortunately, the beach's opening was cancelled this year, as it did previous year, to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus, yet the Hamanaka-Moire beach is generally busy with people throughout the summer months, from locals to tourists.
Camping on the beach is another alternative that is advised for families.

merci scone

北海道 余市 merci scone スコーン

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"Merci scone" is a prominent scone business in Yoichi town, located in a quiet neighborhood.
Scones, pound cakes, sablés, and beverages are also available, as are wonderful sweets created using Hokkaido products.
Items purchased in the shop can also be eaten and consumed outside on benches.

Yoichi Maruyama Park

北海道 余市 円山公園 観光 旅行
北海道 余市町 円山公園
6, Sawamachi, Yoichi-cho, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido

Following that comes Yoichi Maruyama Park, a popular cherry blossom viewing location in Yoichi Town.
The park offers a panoramic view of Yoichi against the backdrop of the Sea of Japan, and the Maruyama Park Fureai Exchange Facility (closed on Mondays and the day following a public holiday) is located near the park's entrance.
The botanical garden has a wide variety of plants and flowers, including tropical trees.

北海道 余市 円山公園 観光 旅行
北海道 余市 円山公園 観光 旅行

The Maruyama Park offers well-kept grounds and a variety of playground equipment. On a beautiful day, I propose spending your vacation beneath a blue sky surrounded by vegetation!

北海道 余市 円山公園 観光 旅行


北海道 余市 円山公園 観光 旅行

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When we hear Yoichi-machi, we immediately think of wine. Yoichi has grown into a significant producer of wine grapes since 1984, when full-scale planting started, and the winery and restaurant depicted here, "OcciGabi", is located in Yoichi Town.
Surrounded by a huge expanse of wine vines, this modern wood and concrete structure holds a winery, restaurant, and shop, and provides an ideal setting for a meal and a glass of wine with a view of the vineyards.

Kanenaka Nakane Sake Shop

北海道 余市 円山公園 観光 旅行

3-76, Okawa-cho, Yoichi-cho, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido, Japan

"Kanenaka Nakane Sake Shop" was established in 1927.
Mr Nakane, the family's third generation, concentrates on the "vineyard where the grapes are cultivated," and all of the wines he presently handles are "made from Yoichi grapes", regardless of where they are produced.

北海道 余市 円山公園 観光 旅行

Yoichi Bar LOOP

北海道 余市 Bar LOOP

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Last but not least is "Yoichi Bar LOOP", a Spanish bar in front of JR Yoichi Station with a Spanish bar on the first story and a hotel on the second and third floors where you may stay after supper.
You may enjoy dishes created with fresh Yoichi ingredients and a vast range of Yoichi wines prepared by a chef educated at a starred restaurant in Spain and a sommelier who used to serve at a starred restaurant in France.

The first two portions of the story are based on a dialogue between the Mayor of Yoichi, Mr Keisuke Saito, and MONCA, a singer.

余市町 町長 北海道

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余市町 町長 北海道

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This time, we featured Yoichi-cho, a town recommended for tourism and vacation in the approaching season!
Yoichi-cho, surrounded by the sea and mountains, has a lot more to offer in terms of natural beauty!
Please come to Yoichi-cho in Hokkaido this summer!