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Asahikawa Special Report||NORTH NAVI introduces recommended spots in Asahikawa!
Asahikawa(about 330,000 residents), located in central Hokkaido, is the second-most populated city in Hokkaido after Sapporo. Heiwa-dori Shopping Park, located in the north of Asahikawa Station, was built in 1972 as Japan's first permanent pedestrian mall.
On weekends, the neighborhood is popular with visitors and residents due to the abundance of restaurants and clothing stores.

This time at NORTH NAVI, we'll be focusing on Asahikawa's gourmet & fashion and introducing stores popular among locals.

DINING eight


【DINING eight】Click here to read the article.

DINING eight is a hidden dining experience in Asahikawa created by a painter, chef, and designer. The hand-painted murals and the amazing interior ambience create an ethereal atmosphere.
The Italian-inspired meals cooked by a chef trained at a prestigious hotel in a chic setting are outstanding! The most popular menu item at 'DINING eight' is the 'Dresse de Omurice' a meal that not only tastes wonderful but also looks amazing.
Open on Sundays and Thursdays from midday, so stop by on your way to the shops!

BASSLINE store&blankroom


【BASSLINE store&blankroom】Click here to read the article.

"BASSLINE" is a select boutique centered on street fashion that was created in 2004.
Currently, the shop also sells outdoor products, authentic leather goods, own-brand casual garments manufactured from textiles, custom-made suits and shoes, as well as products obtained from both domestic and international sources, and sophisticated unique things.



【BRITALIAE】Click here to read the article.

"BRITALIAE", located on the 4th floor of the OKUNO fashion building in Asahikawa's 3-jo Street shopping park, is a boutique for sophisticated adults that sells tailor-made suits and jackets, as well as clothing adjustments.

"When an old man dresses up, he becomes sexy."

You may wear your own one-of-a-kind item, which is made by professional artisans out of carefully selected high-quality cloth from England and Italy. Clothing alterations are also available for men's and women's clothing.



【TREASURE】Click here to read the article.

"TREASURE", located on the third floor of the same fashion building OKUNO, is a boutique that specializes in silver accessories.
All products in the shop are exclusively Japanese brands. Everything from repair and processing to custom-made original accessories is available.
And the article in "TREASURE" has exclusive NORTH NAVI information!

Fashion Building・OKUNO


【OKUNO President Yoshitaka Ishihara speaks with NORTH NAVI writer SERINA.】Click here to read the article.

Yoshitaka Ishihara, President of OKUNO, the fashion building where BRITALIAE and "TREASURE" are housed, spoke with NORTH NAVI writer SERINA about OKUNO's history and the changes in the fashion industry today.
Please also see the article where he talks about the future of fashion buildings due to the impact of the Corona disaster.



【V BAR】Click here to read the article.

Long-standing BAR that was updated and celebrated its 20th anniversary in August this year.
The concept is a "red-and-black stylish bar" with an American lounge-style ambiance and over 200 drinks on offer!
Private rooms are also available, and the food menu makes this an excellent choice for a girls' night out!

We've just introduced you to some of the best places to visit in Asahikawa!
From shopping to dining, Asahikawa has a lot to offer!
Stop by and see us if you're ever in Asahikawa!