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Tomakomai Special Report||NORTH NAVI introduces recommended spots in Tomakomai!

Tomakomai, Hokkaido's major port city, where vessels from all over the nation arrive and go on a daily basis, is also one of the island's top industrial cities, with industry districts immediately outside the city center.
A 30-minute journey from Tomakomai City's center will take you to the spectacular wildness of Mount Tarumae, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Shikotsu, and Lake Utonai, a paradise for wild birds, where you can also enjoy gorgeous landscape all year.

From fresh seafood to mountain delicacies, such as Hokkigai surf clam, the greatest capture of Hokkigai surf clam in Japan, this is an appealing tourist destination with enough to offer in terms of cuisine, the finest part of any vacation to Japan.

This time, NORTH NAVI will take you to some of Tomakomai City's top sites.

Stand factory

北海道 苫小牧 Stand factory

【Stand factory】Click here to read the article.

There are a variety of goods that you will love merely looking at, ranging from selling kitchen automobiles on the go to selling imported goods full of American flavor in the large shop to selling unique Stand factory goods like as CAP and T-shirts.
A café space is also accessible within the eye-catching emerald green building overlooking National Highway 36 for guests to take a respite.


北海道 苫小牧 PASTIME FACTORY アウトドア キャンプ

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Outdoor shop inside Stand factory. There are original items, garage brand goods, and rare things imported from overseas that can only be viewed here in the store.
PASTIME FACTORY's unique spice 'PASTI MUCHO' comes in three kinds and is a popular camping product.
This item pairs nicely with salads, steaks, fish, and a variety of other cuisines, so keep it on hand for your camping meals.

Kira Kira Park.

北海道 苫小牧 キラキラ公園

Five minutes by car from Tomakomai Station. The North Wharf has been transformed into a green space, and Kira Kira Park, as it has been named by the public, is a park with well-kept grass and a view of the sea that is suitable for leisure activities and picnics.
Athletic playground equipment with a ferry theme, a walking pond, and fountains suitable for children to play in the water make it a delightful place for families.
Large ships anchored along the seafront can also be seen, providing a unique harbour town atmosphere.

北海道 苫小牧 キラキラ公園

Kira Kira Park also features a multi-purpose event area that is utilized as a site for events, and in July of this year (2021), kitchen vehicles from all over the region gathered for the Kitchen Car 21 @Toma Bay Waterfront.
Despite a number of event cancellations owing to the Corona disaster, the weather was beautiful and the venue was filled.

北海道 苫小牧 キラキラ公園 キッチンカー

[Kitchen Car 21@ Tomabay Waterfront] Click here to read the article.

The shop's appeal and the "Kitchen Car 21 @ Tomabay Waterfront" hosted in July are explained in depth in a dialogue between Stand factory owner Suzuki, PASTIME FACTORY owner Nakatani, Milks Genuine and Ayari Ayanaga.

苫小牧 Stand factory PASTIME FACTORY

[Conversation between Masato Suzuki, owner of Stand factory, Masakazu Nakatani, owner of PASTIME FACTORY, and Airi Ayanaga, Milks Genuine] Click here to read the article.

J Farm Tomakomai Plant

北海道 苫小牧 Jファーム 苫小牧工場

J Farm Tomakomai Plant, which opened in August 2014, is a cutting-edge plant factory that uses cutting-edge IT technology to cultivate high-sugar cherry tomatoes and baby leaves.
High-yielding, high-quality veggies are cultivated by establishing the ideal growing environment for plant growth.

北海道 苫小牧 Jfarm-cafe PIRIKA

On-site, PIRIKa, a direct sales store, distributes items such as "Red Jewel Premium", a high-sugar mini-tomato cultivated at J Farm, additive-free tomato juice and pasta sauce, and vegetables harvested in the neighborhood.
There's also a café where you may eat meals cooked with fresh ingredients.
Those residing in other parts of the country can also purchase through the online store.
Please enjoy delicious, nutrient-rich J Farm cherry tomatoes made using cutting-edge technology.

Jfarm-cafe PIRIKA
J Farm Co. 6-312 Aza-Kashiwabara, Tomakomai City, Hokkaido
Opening hours: 10:00-15:00
Closed Wednesdays and Sundays.

Regalo da Jfarm

北海道 苫小牧 Regalo da Jfarm

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"2017 Michelin Guide Hokkaido Bib Gourmand" Italian restaurant serving freshly harvested veggies from J Farm.
Authentic Italian food produced with high sugar cherry tomatoes, healthful baby greens, and fresh seasonal vegetables from local places is available. Starting with Italy and California, the list includes a wide range of wines.

Port town Tomakomai food and drink district,Gogo Restaurant.

北海道 苫小牧 港町トマコマイ飲食街 ゴーゴー食堂

【Port town Tomakomai food and drink district,Gogo Restaurant.】Click here to read the article.

Last but not least is the vintage izakaya Gogo Shokudo "Port Town Tomakomai Restaurant Street", where the Showa era ambience pervades the outside and every area of the restaurant.
Taking advantage of the port town, the restaurant provides a selection of customized meals that use fresh seafood from the producing region as well as carefully selected components.
The most popular menu item is the distinctive "Aburasoba" created with a secret soy sauce. Try it and you'll see why it's the most popular. When you visit the restaurant, give it a go.

This time, we've highlighted some of the best locations to see in Tomakomai, Hokkaido's largest harbor town.
Stop by if you are in Tomakomai.