537 Nakagawa, Nakagawa-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido (in Teshio Nakagawa Station)
●Opening hours
Normal 09:00-15:00
Closed irregularly

HOKKAIDO LOVERS no.112 〜otocafe+〜

Hello, I'm SERINA!

This time, I'd like to introduce you to "Otocafe+", a community-supported store!


Otocafe+ is It is located in Teshio Nakagawa Station.
It is open from 9:00 to 15:00.
They are now available three times every month!


The restaurant is a charming setting filled with the warmth of wood and vinyl records.

There are three counter seats,
a table with six chairs,
and a window table with five seats.

Otocafe+ is a business designed to be a "place of rest and leisure for locals".
It is run by the roadside station.

This coffee shop is now managed by Mr. Shuji Ichimura,
who is also the manager of Bar El Rinconcito and a member of the Nakagawa Town Hall's Regional Development Cooperation Team.

Photo (center): Mr Shuji Ichimura.

"Coffee" and "curry with Nakagawa beef" are recommended menu items at Otocafe+.


First, I'll start with the coffee.

Steeping and gradually adding hot water
can bring out more of the flavor of the coffee
and make it tastier.


The aroma of coffee permeates the ...

Mocha Matalin Classic ¥350 (incl. tax)


The one I got this time was the Mocha Matalin Classic.

The pleasant scent and soft sweetness
permeated the tongue.


The Nakagawa Beef Curry came next.

This curry's apparently going to be on the menu from now on.
I was permitted to test it ahead of time.


The rice is made with red beans from Nakagawa
and the meat is made from the neck part of Nakagawa beef

The red bean rice is very crunchy and sweet!
And it goes perfectly with the spicy curry!


I had it with coffee.
There are also café lattes,
Nakagawa cider, and honey available,
so make sure to ask for one when you visit.


To continue with the town people's recreational space
that they have taken over,
they would like to offer beverages at nighttime events
and establish a "night version of Otocafe+" in the future.

Also, if you want to use Otocafe+ for an event,
please contact the Nakagawa Town Hall!

Please go there if you happen to pass by the station.