Bar El Rinconcito(バル エル リンコンチート)
Bar El Rinconcito

369 Nakagawa, Nakagawa-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido.
●Opening hours
Normal 18:00-22:00
Mon, Tue.
(subject to seasonal changes)
●No smoking

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HOKKAIDO LOVERS no.111 〜Bar El Rinconcito〜

Hi, I'm Arisa.

This is the shop I want to introduce to you all this time.


It is Bar El Rinconcito.

A 5-minute walk from Teshio Nakagawa Station.
This Spanish restaurant is located at 369 Nakagawa, Nakagawa-cho, Nakagawa-gun!
Just opened on 22 December last year (2021)!


There are three tables
and three countertops
for seating!

As you can see,
the shop is very colourful.

I felt energized the instant I walked into the restaurant!

And this is what I have this time!


Spanish omelet
Rosemary and parsley mojito!!!

It looks so delicious!!!!!!

Paella (for 2 persons) ¥1,900 (tax included)


Paella for two people costs 1,900 yen, and the one I received this time included components for four people, with an additional 100 yen for one person!!


It's infused with seafood flavor. Very refined taste.
The rice was well cooked. I devoured it with relish! LOL

I am a huge fan of seafood!! LOL

Spanish omelet ¥500 (tax included)


And this Spanish Omurice is ¥500

The texture and flavor of the potatoes within are excellent.
The sauce served with this omelet is known as Aioli sauce,
one of Spain's two primary sauces!

A mayonnaise-like sauce flavored with garlic olive oil!
It would be fantastic on potatoes!

Rosemary and hakusu mojito-style ¥400 (tax included)


Rosemary and hakusu mojito-style drink cost ¥400.

This one is alcohol-free!
They can also be transformed into booze!!!

It was refreshing and easy to drink,
making it ideal for the next summer months!

When a group of individuals arrives at a restaurant and just the person driving the car is unable to consume alcohol.
The drink was created with the intention of allowing individuals who are unable to drink to enjoy it.

He stated that he would want to create seasonal cocktails in the future.
I'm excited to see what new beverages they come up with...


He also said that cured ham and cheese were popular items on the menu!

Between you and me, I was so taken with the prosciutto ham being cut in front of me that I couldn't stop staring at it! LOL!


When he first opened the restaurant, he said that he wanted to provide wine and good appetizers that fulfill the needs of the locals by listening to their talks.

They handcraft each and every piece!
They also wish to employ Nakagawa-cho products in their restaurant and create meals using them!
They also want to cook using the food they get from their neighbors!

Since the meals are prepared using local foods and veggies cultivated by neighbors, I really wanna give it a shot.


After-work dining!
I hope it becomes one of the restaurant where you may go after work!

We are looking forward to serving you wonderful meals and showing you what Spanish cooking is all about in Nakagawa Town.

The atmosphere is pleasant, colorful, and stylish, and there are many homemade dishes on offer.
There were several items on the menu that piqued my interest!
Please come by if you are in the neighborhood!


I have a really nice conversation with Mrs. Ichimura and Mr. Ito this time.
Thank youvery much.