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The "NORTH NAVI" Hokkaido information website launched in 2012 with the goal of assisting people and businesses working hard in Hokkaido, primarily by providing information on shops of various genres in and around Sapporo, as well as live and release information for artists living in or from Hokkaido.
As we went through the trial and error process of running the site, we started to recognize that we couldn't return the favor of the locals who looked after us if it turned out to be just another informative site.

With the rapidly expanding inbound demand throughout Hokkaido, Hokkaido and the State of Hawaii conducted the "NORTH NAVI presents" HOKKAIDO & HAWAII Sister-state Party in 2017, with the participation of the Tourism Division of the Hokkaido Government.
Is it possible, with the assistance of the Hokkaido Government, the Hokkaido Tourism Promotion Bureau, and others, to improve communication and publicity among small and medium-sized enterprises, sports, and artists, as well as attract consumers, by connecting South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangkok, and other nations with Sapporo and other Hokkaido municipalities? That's something I've been considering.

While we were working tirelessly to update and improve our website, the new coronavirus began to spread in early 2020. Hokkaido was the first in Japan to proclaim a "state of emergency". We decided to put our international connections on hold while we considered what we might do in our hometown of Sapporo...
In this context, NORTH NAVI presents the "KANPAI Sapporo" initiative, which was organized in collaboration with the City of Sapporo. The initiative was executed in such a way that it made a minor contribution to securing sales at restaurants, which were struggling as a result of the ongoing designation of a state of emergency.

Also, at the end of 2020, NORTH NAVI x Sapporo Keizai Shimbun presented Origin Cut Japan Volunteer Project (2020).
Origin Cut's Japan Volunteer Project was created in conjunction with Origin Cut, a global volunteer organization, and the Sapporo Keizai Shimbun.
A crowdfunding campaign was launched, and the target of 500,000 yen was met. For the second time, the Origin Cut Japan Volunteer Project (September 2021) was held.

Keep Hokkaido going strong! In a changing world, we aspire to contribute as much as we can to Hokkaido's future unity growth.
We look forward to your ongoing support of the Hokkaido information website "NORTH NAVI".

All members of the North Navi managing team